Frequently asked questions regarding my commissions

For all questions regarding prices, or details on commission types, please see the commission types page. Click on the individual commission titles for more information.

For all questions regarding the commission process, payment, cancellation, or the queue and waitlist, please see my terms of service.

For information regarding priority commissions, payment plans, slot reservations, or edits and touchups, please visit the info page.

Can I order multiple commissions?

Yes. If you are ordering multiple different typesof commissions (i.e. one halfbody, one pixel icon), please fill out my order form once per piece. If you are ordering multiple of the same exact commission type, just with different characters, use the “multiple orders” option at the bottom of the form.

Can I order in bulk?

Yes. However, in most cases I will work on 3-4 pieces from your order every round, and complete the whole order over time. This is to ensure that other clients can still commission me and not have a month-long waiting period. Payment plans are available for bulk orders.

What’s a “round”?

A round is simply the term I use for one commission cycle. A round starts with commissions being opened and accepting clients’ orders. I will work on the commissions, and if the queue becomes too long during this time, I will close commissions and/or open the waitlist. The round ends when I complete all the commissions in the queue.

What are slots?

As of Dec 2017, I've switched to a slot-based system when taking orders. Every round, the number of orders I accept will be limited to a certain number - usually five. Each order fills one slot. For the most part, slots are first-come-first-serve, unless there are reservations. The order form will automatically close when all slots fill up. Due to the limited/brief nature of commission openings, I recommend you sign up for notifications if you are waiting to get a commission.

Do you take NSFW commissions?

I currently only offer female (and some nonbinary) NSFW. Click here for info.

Can I use the commissioned art on my personal profile/blog/site?

Yes, but please credit me and link back to my site when doing so.

Can I use the commissioned art in a game I’m developing (or similar project)?

Non-commercial use only. Please let me know before you commission me if this is the case. Same rules apply here: please properly credit me and link back to my site.

Can I use the commissioned art for commercial purposes?

If you have a job offer, please contact me.

Someone is using the art I commissioned from you without my/your permission!

Please let me know and I can attempt to have it taken down.

Can you have my commission done by a certain date?

In most cases, yes. Please see priority commissions.

Do you have any experience drawing _____?

I’ve taken many commissions of subjects I’ve never drawn before. I’m always open to trying new things!

I have a problem with your order form!

Please report any technical issues/errors with my order form here, with the subject “form technical issue”. If you’re having difficulty filling it out or have a question, please contact me.

Question still not answered?

Please use my contact form or message me on Discord (Ker#9432), Telegram (@Kerlasia), DeviantArt, Tumblr, FurAffinity, or Twitter.