Doodle Pages


$25/hr ($25 deposit) - Small (5 doodles)
$25/hr ($100 deposit) - Medium (10-15 doodles)
$25/hr ($150 deposit) - Large (20-25 doodles)


I will fill a page with a variety of drawings of the character(s), ranging from headshots to fullbodies. Despite the name, the “doodles” are fully lined and are not simply sketches.
The number of characters is up to you. It can be of one, two, or all different characters if you wish. In scenes on the page that involve multiple characters, each character within that scene will count towards the total number of doodles. Doodles will be in flat colors.


After your order is received, an invoice will be sent for an initial deposit (see price listing).
Once the deposit has been paid, I will start a timer and begin work on the doodle page. I will only advance the timer when I am actively working (no breaks or pauses included). Progress WIPs will be provided along the way, and I will keep you updated on the timer.
When the doodle page is completed, you will be provided with a thumbnail preview and a new invoice will be sent according to the total work time, minus the initial deposit.
The full size image will be made available once the invoice is paid in full.

Rough worktime estimates: Small (1-3h) | Medium (4-8h) | Large (6-12h)
Ballpark estimates only; the higher end of the ranges are for complex characters/prompts.


Please note

Please allow around a week to finish doodle pages, especially large ones.
You will be updated frequently during the process to ensure satisfaction with the final product.

For questions, please contact me.

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