Character Design Commissions


$25/hr ($50 deposit) - Clean nude or clothed views only
$25/hr ($75 deposit) - Clean nude + clothed versions


I will design a character from scratch or based on a previous/old design that you own.
In either case, image references for key features are recommended for best results, but not required – a thorough, written description will do.

The final product will include front and back fullbody views in flat color, and standard anatomical pose.
You may also add an additional fullbody profile view or headshot views.


After your order is approved, an invoice will be sent for an initial deposit (see price listing).
Once the deposit has been paid, I will start a timer and begin work on the design. I will only advance the timer when I am actively working (no breaks or pauses included). Progress WIPs will be provided along the way, and I will keep you updated on the timer.
When the design is completed, you will be provided with a thumbnail preview and a new invoice will be sent according to the total work time, minus the initial deposit.
The full size image will be made available once the invoice is paid in full.

Rough worktime estimates: Nude/clothed only (2-6h) | Nude + clothed (3-10h)
Ballpark estimates only. The higher ends of the ranges are for complex designs/more views.


For more options, or to commission a character design plus reference sheet, please see the page for reference sheet commissions.


Please note
Complex character designs or added props will incur additional costs.
I will not allow heavy referencing from other artists’ work. Please keep this in mind when choosing reference images. More info
For questions, please contact me.

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